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Hooray! It’s back.

I was so sad when I started getting messages that the app wouldn’t work with iOS 11. I tried 2-3 other tip calculators but really didn’t like any of them. So happy the iOS 11 version is here. Love the app.

The best i

Finally a tip application that is easy to use and yet rich with features. Highly recommended. One great feature is the ability to adjust the total being paid-- and it then recalculates the tip and the tip%. Important when paying by credit card and need the revised tip and total. In addition it allows varied tip based on service, calculates and tips on the pre-tax total. Splitting the bill with multiple parties is straightforwad and allows the total per person to be adjusted (example is when some order extra items such as wine).


type in the search bar "The Smart bill splitter" and then click on "Applications" and it should be the first thing and press get or else you have to pay 1.99!

Straightforward to use

I've tried several of the tip calculators. Some are nicer to look at, but none is easer to use than this one, at least for me. Once it's set up for preferred tip levels and sales tax, it only requires one entry - the bill total, where the cursor will be when you open the app if that was where it was when you closed it - and it all falls out instantly and automatically. There is no need even to hit a return key. I like the embedded keyboard and the fact that the keys are silent when tapped. Don't forget that you can turn your device sideways and find a screen that lets you adjust the bill for individuals who may have had more or less than others. In other words, you can split the bill evenly among individuals or make adjustments if you wish, a feature which is somewhat uncommon among the available tip calculators. The latest updates have improved the appearance and provided a font option, which are nice additions. This is the one I've kept.

One of the best tip app out!

I've tried several, and I really think this is the best one out. You may think it doesn't have the best appearance, but it is quite fully-featured. You can easily tip before tax, and the stars feature allows you have three predefined tipping levels so you can vary your tip easily according to the service you received. All of the variables are visible on the main page, so there are no pages to flip through. You just select the different boxes, and enter your bill amount (subtotal or total), tip percentage, and splitting if you desire. Everything updates in real time. Also, rounding is VERY EASY. You can round either the tip or the total and it can be either up or down. Furthermore, the tip percentage UPDATES when you round, so you know exactly what percentage you're tipping. Splitting is a breeze, too. You can enter the total guests, and then turn it sideways to adjust the bill amounts if some people didn't drink or ate a more expensive meal. Great app!

so easy to use

I am great at rounding off at math but this app is quick, acutate, and user friendly... I like it a lot!

Best Tip App (Free or Otherwise)

No frills and fully functional. One of the few apps that calculate pre-tax amount from total check bill.

best tip tool around

the new and improved version is the best out there! Gives user the most flexibility computing tips (with/without tax), enter before tax or after tax totals, SPLIT bills evenly or not between folks in party. Awesome tool.